Policy Makers

ATNI’s refreshed strategy has a strong focus on how policy and policy makers can help ensure markets protect people’s rights and access to affordable and nutritious diets. Effective legislation and regulation, placing consumer needs at the center of food policy, is essential.

ATNI is still on the learning curve. We are facilitating a series of Policy Fix Webinars and Briefings to build our understanding and our community. We want to support and share good policy and we want to help make bad policy good.

To date we have hosted two Policy Fix webinars. The first focused on how to hold food and beverage companies to account when they lobby and the our most recent investigated how to ensure nutrition is included in ESG as emerging markets embrace ESG reporting. Links to both the events can be found here:

How can we drive accountability for food industry lobbying?

Watch here

Nutrition and ESG in Emerging Markets: The Case of India

Watch here


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