The key pillars of the Access to Nutrition Initiative's approach to governance are listed below:

Independence from industry
The Access to Nutrition Initiative is based in Utrecht, The Netherlands and is hosted by the Access to Nutrition Foundation, which is a registered charity in The Netherlands (known as ANBI-status). The acronym ATNF is used in all formal documents for this reason.

Conflict of Interest 
ATNF and all of its associated activities are managed, controlled and communicated in full independence from food and beverage manufacturers and their associations. ATNF does not accept financial contributions from these sources, provide direct consultancy services to them or have any financial relationship with them otherwise. ATNF is generously supported by foundations that provide no input on day-to-day operations. Rather, their input is taken into account through representation on an Advisory Panel. We are sincerely grateful to all the donors who make the work of ATNF possible. For more information ATNF’s Conflict of Interest policy is available here.

Anti-bribery policy
ATNF staff members, and all those acting for or on the ATNF’s behalf, are strictly prohibited from offering, paying, soliciting or accepting bribes or kick-backs, including facilitation payments. The ATNF Anti-bribery policy can be downloaded here.

Whisteblower policy
The ATNF Whistleblower policy (available here) is to encourage employees, board members, consultants and other stakeholders to raise any serious concerns they may have about the way in which the ATNF is run or about the conduct of those involved running it

Code of Conduct and Ethics policy
The ATNF Code of Conduct and Ethics policy sets out the fundamental principles and standards that ATNF strives to maintain, and as a guide to the actions and decisions of all those working with and for the ATNF. The Code of Conduct & Ethics Policy applies to all ATNF’s Staff, board members, consultants and other stakeholders who have a contractual relationship with ATNF. It can be downloaded here.

Strategic plan
For an overview of ATNF´s core objectives, policies, activities and future plans, download the 2022 Annual report.

For ATNI’s refreshed strategy and Theory of Change, have a look at our Impact page and interactive Theory of Change.

Remuneration policy
The Foundation pays its staff a market-based salary and benefit package. The salary and employment conditions of the Executive Director, who is a member of the Board ex officio, are determined by the Board. Besides the Executive Director of the Foundation, no members of the Board, IAP and Expert Group receive remuneration for the fulfillment of their responsibilities to the Foundation.

Chamber of Commerce subscription
The Stichting Access to Nutrition Foundation is registered in the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under registration number 58279199. ATNF has its registered seat in Arthur van Schendelstraat 650, 3511 MJ, Utrecht.

Articles of Association
For an overview of the ATNF’s Articles of Association, download the Deed of Incorporation.

Annual report and financial statements

Download the 2023 Annual Report here.

Download the 2022 Annual Report here.

Download the 2021 Annual Report here.

Download the 2020 Annual Report here.

Privacy Statement 

ATNI is committed to protecting the privacy of individuals who visit our website, our Privacy Statement can be found here.

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