Benchmarking the Nutrition-Related Policies and Commitments of Major Food Companies in Australia, 2018 | International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health

2 August 2020

This academic article assessed the comprehensiveness, specificity and transparency of nutrition-related policies and practices of 34 Australian food companies, including food and beverage manufacturers, supermarkets, and quick-service restaurants. With a 47% engagement rate of companies assessed, the authors found that, whilst the industry is making progress in addressing nutrition challenges in Australia, “the overall response from the food industry fell short of global benchmarks of good practice”.

The results of this study were reported as being consistent with results of the Access to Nutrition Global Index 2018.

“In the ATNI 2018 Global Index, company scores varied between 0/10 and 6.8/10 across the largest food and beverage manufacturers. The highest scoring domain in the ATNI 2018 Global Index was “governance” and the lowest scoring domain was “accessibility”. These findings are in line with the scoring from BIA-Obesity Australia 2018, where the range of scores was similar (3/100 to 71/100), and the highest and lowest scoring domains (“corporate strategy” and “product accessibility”, respectively) were equivalent.”

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