Institutional Investors Target Food & Drink Companies To Drive Better Nutrition | Forbes

16 December 2021

This article, published by Felicia Jackson on Forbes, covers the Nutrition for Growth (N4G) Investor Pledge. Linking the Pledge to ATNI’s ongoing work with institutional investors, the article also shines light on a recent ATNI report on ‘Institutional Investors’ approaches to addressing nutrition, diets and health‘.

“The significance of the pledge is the recognition that many of the sustainability challenges we face are systemic in nature. Individual choice is based on a complex network of availability, opportunity, education, price and more.  Governments are increasingly taking action on the quality and healthiness of food, intending to cut sugars, salt and fat content, especially in processed foods. Years of promotion of the idea of eating more fruit and vegetables have often been battling food desserts, pricing and more.

There are growing calls for marketing restrictions and guardrails are being introduced to protect children from unhealthy products.  The prospect of fiscal measures like sugar taxes are a potential risk to investors – according to Kauer there are now more sugar taxes than carbon taxes.”

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