Media Coverage of the N4G Investor Pledge

10 December 2021

“A group of 53 institutional investors — managing about $12.4 trillion in assets and members of the Access to Nutrition Initiative Investor Group — made a pledge Tuesday to take action on nutrition.

It includes commitments around supporting healthy food, transparency in the sector, and adhering to the framework of the Investor Expectations on Nutrition, Diets and Health, to spur more investment in companies that address global nutrition challenges and seek to deliver the Sustainable Development Goals.

This is the first time institutional investors have participated in a multilateral nutrition summit, according to those involved. I’ll watch to see how these investors might support nutrition and whether this pledge changes policy or investment behavior.”

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European Supermarket Magazine

“The investors, including PIMCO and UBS Asset Management, urged policymakers to use fiscal and regulatory measures to help support healthy packaged food and do more to meet the nutrition targets laid out by the World Health Organisation.

Food and drink companies, meanwhile, were called on to commit to three actions, including reporting annually on the percentage of their sales generated by healthy products and their share of the overall product mix.

The companies should also use an independently developed system to define what constitutes a healthy product, and adopt the commitments laid out in the document Investor Expectations on Nutrition, Diets and Health produced by the investors with the support of non-profit the Access to Nutrition Initiative.”

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Food Ticker

“Food and beverage businesses are under scrutiny as some of the world’s most powerful institutional investors pledge action to tackle what they see as a global nutrition crisis.

The group of 53 investors said it would engage with the 20 listed companies in Access to Nutrition’s Global Index 2021, which included Nestlé and Unilever, or ask fund managers that invest on their behalf to do so, according to Reuters.

Access to Nutrition is a non-profit organization based in the Netherlands which is dedicated to objectively assessing and improving the contribution the private sector makes to addressing global nutrition challenges. It worked with the 53 investors including AMP Capital, Axa, Hermes and UBS Asset Management.

Other commitments investors expected from F&B firms included the use of an independently developed system to define what constituted a healthy product.”

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