“No company does very well” – why the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition believes industry must do more on malnutrition | Just Food

23 August 2021

With this interview with GAIN Executive Director Lawrence Haddad, Just Food explores the role that food and beverage companies worldwide can play in addressing global nutrition challenges and in delivering the SDGs agenda.

Answering a question regading the impact of government regulation of food environments on company performance on nutrition and on global public health, Haddad replied: “Governments don’t do enough to incentivise big food companies to do good things. Companies that do well on the ATNI scores, for example, you could even link corporate tax rates to that. Governments are massive purchasers of food. They buy food for their schools, for their health systems, for their safety-net programmes, for their criminal systems. They do not buy food with a strong healthy diets perspective. They look to the minimum they can get away with on nutrition and then try to minimise costs. If they decided to purchase healthier foods for their schools, hospitals and safety-net programmes, that would be a massive demand platform for healthy food.”

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