The time is ripe for ESG + Nutrition: evidence-based nutrition metrics for Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) investing | European Journal of Clinical Nutrition

4 February 2022

In this article, the four authors, all affiliated with the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University, discuss the lack of ESG metrics to assess nutrition and health outcomes and outline the case for the development of ‘objective, measurable, evidence-based ESG + Nutrition metrics’ and for greater emphasis on the S of ESG.

“The ATNI has the most comprehensive (100+) array of metrics for evaluating large multinational food and beverage manufacturers as well as UK retailers, covering product healthfulness, marketing to children, and company strategy. Most of ATNI’s metrics are categorical (thereby requiring less precise data), but may create reporting fatigue and do not cover major food sectors like restaurants or other food services.”

The authors conclude by outlining a new proposed framework for ESG + Nutrition metrics, and with a call to action to keep building on existing momentum to tackle global nutrition challenges:

“At N4G, a landmark pledge by 53 institutional investors representing $12.4 trillion in assets under management has called on food and beverage companies to report on the healthfulness of their product portfolios and sales; use an NPS to define healthy products; and adopt SMART governance, strategy, lobbying, and transparency commitments. To meet the needs of this growing demand by investors and companies, we believe the time is ripe for harmonized, evidence-based ESG-Nutrition metrics to guide food sector practices toward nutrition, health, and equity globally.”

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