ATNF at Aspen Ideas Festival

24 June 2016

On Friday, June 24, 2016, Inge Kauer will participate in Aspen Ideas Festival panel discussion Banishing Hunger: Inventive Strategies to Feed the World. The panel will discuss different manners how stakeholders try to eradicate hunger and put it in a context that also helps to motivate multinational food companies to work on this issue. The discussion will focus on questions like what is the role of sustainable agricultural in reducing hunger, what are the appropriate uses of GMOs, and what novel ideas can curb malnutrition alongside.

The panel will be moderated by Thomas Daschle and the panellists include Sathya Raghu from Cosmos Green, Matthew Dillon from Clif Bar & Company, Edward Mabaya, Cornell International Institute for Food, Agriculture and Development, Lindiwe Majele Sibanda, Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources Policy Analysis Network, and Inge Kauer.

Inge Kauer wrote a blog for the Aspen Ideas Festival which you can read here.

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