Nutrition and sustainability are inextricably linked, and for the first time ever, food systems have been put squarely on the agenda at COP27.

How did it take so long considering that 30% of greenhouse gas emissions comes from the food system? Moreover, climate change has an enormous impact on food and nutrition security as it can affect food availability, costs and overall calorie consumption, as well as the quality of foods consumed.

More than ever, it is essential that food systems provide affordable and healthy diets to maintain good health without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their nutritional needs.

ATNI recognizes this, and in line with our new strategy (2023-2028), we are refreshing our methodology in 2023 to include information on the intersection between nutrition and sustainability for our global and country nutrition benchmarking tools.

ATNI is excited to be one of the many organizations championing nutrition at COP27. Join us at the events our Executive Director, Greg S Garrett, is speaking at!

8 November 2022: The critical role of SMEs in delivering nutrition

Food SMEs constitute at least half the food system. ATNI works with SMEs to help them deliver affordable, nutritious food for all in their local markets.

More about the event

12 November 2022: Driving Accountability for the Food Industry

ATNI joins partner organizations to talk about how benchmarking the food industry can drive accountability for nutrition and climate goals.

Watch the event

12 November 2022: Building Nutrient-Dense Global Food Systems and More at UN COP27

Join ATNI at Part 1, Panel 2 of this session to hear about how food and agriculture systems are crucial to achieving NDCs.

Watch the event

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