Corporate Profile methodology for the first US Index is now available

3 August 2017
The US Spotlight Index - Corporate Profile methodology 2018 was developed by the Access to Nutrition Foundation, in consultation with key stakeholders and in collaboration with the ATNI’S Expert Group.

The basic structure of the US Index Corporate Profile methodology is similar to that of the Global Index. The methodology has been adapted to US laws, regulations, standards and guidance. Only commitments and performance data relating to the US are assessed. Unlike the Global Index, the US Index Corporate Profile does not include the section on addressing undernutrition in the developing world (which carries 25% of the overall of the overall Global Index score). Instead, indicators assessing companies’ activities related to food insecurity in the US are integrated in the general sections.  Rather than assessing what companies do in respect of ‘low-income populations’ as in the Global Index, in the US ‘priority populations’ are defined and referred to.

The Corporate Profile methodology is organized into Sections, Categories, Criteria and Indicators:

• Sections: Three sections covering companies: i) nutrition governance and management, ii) approach to formulating and delivering appropriate, affordable, accessible products, and iii) influencing consumer choice and behaviour.
• Categories: Seven broad categories (A-G) relevant to companies’ nutrition-related practices.
• Criteria: More detailed criteria within each of the Categories.
• Indicators: Performance indicators within each Criterion on which companies are scored. There are three types of indicator: those related to companies’ commitments, performance and disclosure.

The Indicators assess companies’ practices related to promoting good nutrition for all consumers, to help prevent and tackle obesity and diet-related chronic diseases.

The methodology can be downloaded here

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