Good Money Week in London

23 October 2014

“Funders shape the world in which we live”, says Simon Howard, CEO of the UK Sustainable Investment and Finance (UKSIF) Association. Together with UKSIF and CCLA –  a leading London based charity fund manager – ATNF organized an investors event during Good Money Week in London, the 21st of October. The aim was to brief investors on the latest trends in nutrition in relation to the Food and Beverage Industry. Nutrition is an important topic because of its impact on all levels of society: individuals, society and the economy. Katie Gordon, Director of Responsible Investment and Stewardship at CCLA, kicked of the meeting by mentioning that “The reduction in labour productivity could become an important burden on the financial economy”.

In an in-depth presentation, Inge Kauer explained why it is important that the F&B industry gets concerned about nutrition and how the Index will promote action on nutrient profiling systems, product reformulation, responsible marketing to children, accessibility and affordability of healthy food, undernutrition and responsible marketing of breast-milk substitutes. The presentations of the event can be found here.

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