Investor Briefing call on 2016 India Spotlight Index & engagement with ATNI companies

24 January 2017

On January 24 2017, the Access to Nutrition Foundation organised a briefing call for investors to share the results of the 2016 India Spotlight Index and discuss the status of investor engagement with listed companies included in the 2016 ATNI Global Index. More than 25 investors joined the meeting including Arisaig Partners, AMP Capital, BMO GAM, CCLA, ICCR, Hermes Investment Management, NEI Investments, Edentree Investment Management and others.

The first part of the meeting included the presentation of India’s double burden and the context in which food and beverage manufacturers operate. Results shared with investors included the Corporate Profile (which assesses companies’ nutrition and undernutrition-related commitments, practices and disclosure), BMS assessment (a study that assesses the marketing practices of baby food manufacturers in India) and the ground-breaking Product Profile (which assesses the nutritional quality of all products of companies included in the Index). Investors raised questions regarding the level of company engagement with ATNF during the research process, company representation at the India Spotlight Index launch meetings the level of engagement from the government. They were also interested to hear ATNF’s plans for Product Profiles and whether such an exercise might be undertaken for the next Global Index and to understand whether the India Spotlight Index results can be compared with the Global Index results.

The investors that have been involved in collaborative engagement with 13 listed companies to encourage them to address the areas for improvement identified by the 2016 Global Index provided an update to others on the call and discussed plans for continued engagement.

Inge Kauer also urged investors on the call that are not yet Investor Signatories to join the 50 investors that have signed the Investor Statement to further strengthen the investment sector’s support for ATNI.

Presentation shared with the investors can be downloaded here.

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