Our Impact

ATNI has specific goals and has mapped our approach to realizing our targets through a new theory of change.

Our impact objectives are clear:
  1. Systems level – driving markets to empower access to affordable and healthy diets.
  2. Product level – half of companies’ food & beverage sales are derived from ‘healthy’ products.
  3. Population level – reduced prevalence of diet related diseases and improved health for all.

To reach these impact targets ATNI’s new theory of change embraces a three Pillar approach.

Pillar 1: Tools & Indexes

ATNI is respected throughout the nutrition and research world for its robust methodologies and its deep dive research. Our Tools & Indexes – from the Global Index to the US and India Spotlight Indexes, play a pivotal role in holding food and drink manufacturers to account. ATNI believes good decision-making needs good data and we strive to continue to be best in class, measuring and transforming markets.


Pillar 2: Alliances

We are creating partnerships and alliances across the sector and the globe to add muscle and urgency to our case for change. We support our partners with data and counsel to aid ongoing activity in their specialist area and region. Our partners include the media, investors, policy makers and other NGOs.

Pillar 3: Innovation & thought leadership to influence markets

ATNI is determined the evidence base we have reaches the right people and helps inform progressive decision making. We are developing new services and tools to shine light on best practice and identify innovations that remove access barriers. We want to share and shout about the good we find.

Our Approach

View our interactive TOC : Interactive TOC

“In a few short years, ATNI has established itself as the definitive, go-to source for analysis and insight on the world’s leading manufacturers of breast-milk substitutes.” 

Lucy Sullivan, Former Executive Director, 1,000 Days

“There is a global nutrition crisis today in which far too many children are not getting the nutrition they need. The Access to Nutrition Initiative is a valuable player, encouraging action through much-needed transparency, accountability, and collaboration.” 

Andres Franco, Deputy Director, Multilateral Partnerships, UNICEF

“…The Access to Nutrition Index already provides an excellent example of how to apply nutrient profiling to processed, packaged foods.”

Shawn Baker, Chief Program Officer, Helen Keller International

“We’ve seen firsthand the role that ATNI can play in elevating the nutrition agenda within food and beverage companies.”

Erin Boyd Kappelhof, Co-CEO, Eat Well Global

“Businesses are often considered to be part of the nutrition problem – however, we should not underestimate the role the private sector can and must play in ending malnutrition. Through its accountability tools ATNI plays an important role in holding the food and beverage industry to account and encouraging action” 

Gerda Verburg, Former UN Assistant Secretary General and Coordinator of the Scaling up Nutrition (SUN) Movement 

“In the nutrition space, the @ATNIndex is the gold standard, as the only global organisation offering the right level of granularity, the credentials and the means to support demonstrating the impact of our sector’s commitments, says Renaldi.”

International Food and Beverage Alliance

In 2013, ATNI was founded as a not-for-profit organization to improve nutrition around the globe by assessing the private sector and driving companies to improve access to nutritious foods. 

Driving accountability of the private sector through benchmarking remains a core activity. Moving forward, ATNI is enhancing its work with investors and is expanding into policy support in partnership with others.

Read more about our work

ATNI’s 10 years of impact has been visualized in a timeline, check it out below.

See the timeline here

Ten years in, ATNI has refreshed its strategy (2023-2027), broadening its focus to market transformation. ATNI aims to build on this success over the next five years as per its new strategy.

Scroll down to view examples of our impact over the last ten years. 

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