ATNI was established in 2013 calling on the world’s largest food & beverage manufacturers to address global nutrition challenges.   Since then, ATNI has helped scrutinize private sector impact on the healthiness of the food people eat around the world, assessing over 250 food and beverage manufacturers, producing nearly 50 indexes and providing independent measurement on corporate behavior in this space.

We are proud of the impact we’ve had — and with a new 2023-2027 strategy in place — excited about the impact we can have on markets so nutritious foods are more available for all. With your support we can transform food systems and accelerate progress on healthy diets, sustainably and affordably.


Changing markets and corporate behavior is a process and not an event easily displayed on a timeline. But we hope, by scrolling through the events below, you will get a feel for both the operational milestones ATNI has secured in the last ten years and the impact we have helped to create. We also have a quick look into the future so please do scroll all the way and join us in the journey ahead.

ATNI will continue to work with the world’s largest 35 food companies (25 food and beverage manufacturers and 10 food retailers) and dozens of national companies in India, Kenya and the USA. Other countries which we are looking to influence include Bangladesh, Indonesia, Ghana, Kenya and Tanzania. Together, 40% of manufactured food globally will be covered. These countries have been selected based on: donor priorities, ongoing nutrition challenges, existence of a stock exchange/robust markets; large national companies; global index company footprint (product portfolio); population size; and existing ATNI footprint.

ATNI has already raised 2.8M Euro which it will use to start implementing this strategy. We estimate that a total of 26-29M Euro is required between now and the end of 2027 to enable market transformation and ensure vulnerable populations have better access to healthier products. We are looking for new core and project partners to join us on this exciting journey of market transformation. The value for money is compelling costing just 0.0006% of the estimated sales revenue of the companies we aim to assess over the five-year period.

Join us in driving the market transformation necessary to make healthy foods more accessible for all. 

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