The Indexes

The Access to Nutrition Indexes have been developed on the premise that food and beverage manufacturers can make a strong contribution to addressing poor nutrition and related diseases.

By assessing and ranking the world’s largest manufacturers on their nutrition-related commitments, practices and performance globally, ATNI aims to encourage companies to:

  • Increase consumer access to nutritious and affordable foods and beverages through actions related to product formulation, pricing and distribution; and
  • Responsibly exercise their influence on consumer choice and behavior through actions in areas such as marketing, labeling and promoting healthy diets and active lifestyles.

ATNI seeks to stimulate dialogue about how companies can improve their nutrition practices by serving as:

  • A means for companies to benchmark their approach to nutrition against their peers and identify areas for improvement; and
  • An independent source of information for stakeholders interested in monitoring and/or engaging with the food and beverage industry on nutrition issues.

Through these paths of influence, the Indexes aim to encourage companies to increase consumer access to nutritious products and responsibly exercise their influence on consumer choice and behavior. The ultimate goal is to facilitate improved diets and a reduction in the serious global problems of both obesity and undernutrition.

The Global Access to Nutrition Indexes are ATNI’s flagship product. Published every two years, they provide companies, their investors and other stakeholders with a rating of the world’s largest food and beverage manufacturers in contributing to addressing obesity, diet-related chronic diseases and undernutrition. By comparing scores from one Index to the next, the companies themselves, and their stakeholders, can see whether and how they have improved over time.

In addition to the Global Indexes, ATNI designs and publishes stand-alone Indexes for individual countries, called Spotlight Indexes. The methodology for Spotlight Indexes is tailored to local circumstances, and developed in consultation with local stakeholders. ATNI has the ambition to publish many more such Indexes to contribute to countries’ own plans and programs to improve diets and nutrition.

US Index 2022

UK Retailer Index 2022

Global Index 2021

BMS/CF Index 2021

India Spotlight Index 2020

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