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ATNI’s work on Breast-milk Substitute (BMS) Marketing

‘Responsible Lobbying Framework’ Launched: A Recipe for Healthier Lobbying

Plating Up Progress 2020: Progress is on the table

Covid-19 and The Food System: A Year On

BMS/CF Marketing Index 2021

Transforming Food Systems for Affordable Healthy Diets: FAO Global Webinar – Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition

ConAgra (Global Index 2021)

Ferrero (Global Index 2021)

Mars (Global Index 2021)

Nestlé (Global Index 2021)

Suntory (Global Index 2021)

FrieslandCampina (Global Index 2021)

Category C: Accessibility (Global Index 2021)

Category A: Governance (Global Index 2021)

Category B: Products (Global Index 2021)

Category D: Marketing (Global Index 2021)

Category E: Lifestyles (Global Index 2021)

Category F: Labeling (Global Index 2021)

Category G: Engagement (Global Index 2021)

Methodology (Global Index 2021)

Context (Global Index 2021)

Acknowledgements (Global Index 2021)

Disclaimer (Global Index 2021)

Annex (Global Index 2021)

Tingyi (Global Index 2021)

Mondelēz (Global Index 2021)

Yili (Global Index 2021)

Mengniu (Global Index 2021)

Key findings (Global Index 2021)

BMS/CF Chapter Global Index 2021 (Global Index 2021)

OLD Infant and Young Child Nutrition


Keurig Dr Pepper (Global Index 2021)

ATNI launches new groundbreaking report on lobbying of BMS companies

ATNI launches the BMS/CF Marketing Index 2021

UKSIF Spring Conference

ATNI webinar with PRI

Media Coverage of the Global Index 2021

Last ATNI COVID-19 report: The time for change

Supporting Nigerian SMEs in developing nutrition strategies and addressing malnutrition challenges

What role can the food and beverage industry play in transforming food systems?

Improving private sector accountability for nutrition through aligned business reporting

“No company does very well” – why the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition believes industry must do more on malnutrition | Just Food

The Accountability Pact launch event

Opinion: How to close the global nutrition gap post-COVID-19 | Devex

Global Index Shows Top Food and Beverage Companies Must Do More to Fight Malnutrition | Food Tank

Second U.K. Product Profile 2021

UN Food Systems Summit: now is the time to take action

Calling on all companies to step up for better nutrition

Global Index 2021 – Japanese Launch Event

The Global Conference for Food Safety Regulation and Sustainability

Leveraging the Workplace to Bring Improved Nutrition to Millions of Employees

Action Research on Workforce Nutrition in the Supply Chains

Scaling up the contribution of SMEs to nutrition – tools and SUN Business Network case studies

ATNI at the Tokyo Nutrition for Growth Summit 2021

ATNI launches new report on responsible investment approaches to nutrition, diets and health

What is Business Committing at the Nutrition for Growth Summit 2021?

“Mutual benefits” in targeting global nutrition crisis, flag investors representing US$12.4T | NutritionInsight

Investors push food & drink companies, govts over ‘nutrition crisis’ | Reuters

UK Retailer Index 2022

Media Coverage of the N4G Investor Pledge

ATNI launches new report and case studies on workforce nutrition in the supply chains

Institutional Investors Target Food & Drink Companies To Drive Better Nutrition | Forbes

Unilever Faces New Attack From Investors Over Health Credentials | Bloomberg

Nutrition Business Monitor Toolkit

The time is ripe for ESG + Nutrition: evidence-based nutrition metrics for Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) investing | European Journal of Clinical Nutrition

The relationship between voluntary product (re) formulation commitments and changes in the nutritional quality of products offered by the top packaged food and beverage companies in Canada from 2013 to 2017 | BMC Public Health

Food for Thought | ESG Investor

Baby formula makers still breaking global marketing rules – report | Reuters

Investors Back Unilever Use of Food Health Metrics | ESG Investor

Unilever ramps up nutrition portfolio targets and performance reporting after investors turn up heat on health | Food Ingredients First

Spotlight on Salt for World Salt Awareness Week

Nutrition Business Monitor (NBM) project

What role can investors play in promoting workforce nutrition?

Investors push Nestlé and Kraft Heinz to set new health targets | The Financial Times

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